About Us

Mission Statement

We don’t want to just provide organized softball activity for the girls of the community.  Our goal is to teach the principles of good sportsmanship, teamwork and a strong work ethic so that they may grow to be trustworthy, well-adjusted, and dependable women.  Even further, and perhaps more important, is encouraging the girls to have fun and enjoy the female camaraderie the sport of softball creates.

Volunteer coaches will be the providers of instruction and support.  The coaches and parents shall bear in mind that the example they set as men and women shall take precedence over any desire to win, and that the athlete’s future development is of prime importance.

Southampton Girls Softball Elected and Appointed Board Members

The Board meets at 7:30pm the 1st Tuesday of each month at the Farmhouse in Tamanend Park. These meetings are open to the public so we encourage all to attend.

President Jamie Burkart  –  jburkart@outlook.com
Vice President
Jeffrey Milano  -  915milano@gmail.com
Treasurer Jaime Schmitt  -  sam042510@gmail.com
Secretary Kelly Woehr
Director of Uniforms     Amy Burkart  -  acburkart@outlook.com
Director of Registrations Andy Pickford  -  andrew.pickford@baesystems.com
Director of Concessions Ken Karff  -  sell.more@verizon.net
Director of Equipment Al Curtis  -  acdc5898@comcast.net
Director of Scheduling Jamie Burkart  -  jburkart@outlook.com
Director of Fundraising Jen Swartz – jswartz320@gmail.com
Director of Communications Wendy Chenworth  -  bbucheck@yahoo.com
Travel Liaison Larry Patricelli  -  ljp1on1@gmail.com
ITL Liaison Jeff Sworen  -  dazdncnfusd77@yahoo.com
Tournament Director Jeff Sworen  -  dazdncnfusd77@yahoo.com
Clearances Coordinator STILL OPEN FOR 2018
Director of Field Maintenance      Gregg Felmey  -  greggf26@comcast.net
Opening Day Coordinator     Wendy Chenworth  -  bbucheck@yahoo.com
Picture Coordinator      Wendy Chenworth  -  bbucheck@yahoo.com